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Its use by others was tolerated only in virtue of the permission of the pope.We hear of the pallium being conferred on others, as a mark of distinction, as early as the sixth century.The pallium is conferred in Rome by a cardinal-deacon, and outside of Rome by a bishop ; in both cases the ceremony takes place after the celebration of Mass and the administration of the oath of allegiance.History and Antiquity It is impossible to indicate exactly when the pallium was first introduced.

Its indiscriminate use, permitted to Hincmar of Reims by Leo IV (851) and to Bruno of Cologne by Agapetus II (954) was contrary to the general custom.It is certain that a tribute was paid for the reception of the pallium as early as the sixth century.This was abrogated by Pope Gregory the Great in the Roman Synod of 595, but was reintroduced later as partial maintenance of the Holy See.The oath of allegiance which the recipient of the pallium takes today originated, apparently, in the eleventh century.It is met with during the reign of Paschal II (1099-1118), and replaced the profession of faith.

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The evolution of this character was complete about the end of the eleventh century; thenceforth the pallium is always designated in the papal Bulls as the symbol of plenitudo pontificalis officii .