Updating quick heal antivirus

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Updating quick heal antivirus

Meanwhile, common actions are more involved than they ought to be.To scan external drives you must click Scan Custom Scan, then click Add to manually add each drive, then click Start Scan. Quick Heal took around nine minutes for an initial scan of 160,000 test files.Quick Heal is an Indian company which develops security software under its own name, and produces enterprise offerings under the Seqrite brand.Quick Heal Anti Virus Pro is the company’s starter product for home users, although you wouldn't know that from the feature list.Quick Heal detected our test malware samples without difficulty, but we found the program's default settings also generated several false alarms.It quarantined Process Hacker almost as soon as it was first launched, for instance.That gives you a lot more functionality, yet is still only (£27) to cover three devices, and these can be any mix of Windows, Mac or Android.

This was mostly very standard – with one exception.

Like many antivirus packages, Quick Heal has options to automatically upload suspect files or stats on malware detection.

These aren't significant privacy risks, but many users don't like this kind of ‘phone home’ functionality and look to disable it wherever necessary.

That's the kind of practice we'd expect from adware, not a professional antivirus application.

After installation, Quick Heal asked that we activate the trial to receive free updates.

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We clicked a button and were prompted to enter a lot of personal data: name, email address, contact number, country, state and city.

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